My Vitruvian Donnas Project

“My Vitruvian Donnas” new mosaics inspired by this years BurningMan theme and project, from a polaroider’s perspective.

Creative Brief

“Utilizing this year’s underlying theme “Davinci’s Workshop” I have decided to recreate Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man thru 16 polaroid pictures mosaics. Using a different person for every mosaic. I’m always looking for new and interesting ways to create mosaics thru my polaroids. In this project I want to create a mosaic collection that embodies the great diversity of human beings that attend Burningman. I have decided to call my project Vitruvian Donna as an ode to the women of Burninman and as a juxtaposition to the recurring theme of “The Man” being the main focus and the center of Black Rock City’s design. A total of 40 different women will be photographed to nish each Vitruvian Donna. The rest of the 24 photographs will be taken to represent Black Rock City as the background and foundation to the Vitruvian Donna.” – Eduardo Yamuni –

Visual Process



Vitruvian Donna from BurningMan 2016

Shot on @mintcamera 670S on manual mode


More Vitruvian Donnas Mosaics are on the making, stay tuned!

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